Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sorry cat

Last pregnancy I had this amusing (now) experience involving getting sick on the way to work which resulted in being breathalyzed on the side of the road like a common drunk.  I think this time I've outdone myself.  I've been naseaus pretty much constantly lately but not really throwing up.  I thought I'd miss that particular joy this time around.
Every time I get pregnant my cat seems to sense it and starts spending a lot of time perched on my belly like a chicken tending her eggs.  She's not the cuddliest cat so I think it's sweet and enjoy these moments.  Today I came home from work exhausted and naseaus and, as usual, she climbed up on my lap for some bonding time with the baby.  Before I knew what was going on I got sick, all over myself, and all over my poor cat.
You know what you don't want to deal with right after throwing up?  A cat that is running around like a maniac with vomit dripping off it all over the house.  Then you have to immerse said cat (who isn't declawed) in the sink and pray she doesn't maul you to death while you hose off the remaining mess.  After that you get to clean up what she's strewn thruout the house before you can get in the shower because otherwise she'll track it all over the house while your in the shower.
So, we're both a little traumatized.  As she sits across the room still wet glaring at me I wonder if she'll ever make her way back onto my lap to bond with the baby again.  Hopefully I'll be able to laugh about this soon.  My husband missed it but I'm pretty sure he nearly wet himself laughing at my experience when I filled him in, he's still sitting on the other end of the couch giggling.

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  1. I giggled when I read that. Enjoy your pregnancy! LO will be here before you know it :)