Wednesday, July 24, 2013

California success

Sorry I've been MIA lately but I went to California before my transfer to visit a friend who  actually came with me for the transfer because hubby couldn't make it this time.  The transfer went great, we transferred two 5 day embryos, one 8 cell expanding and one 9 cell expanded, they did assisted hatching on the 8 cell. I flew home the same day and threw myself into work hoping to avoid obsessing about what was or wasn't going on in here.  By Saturday I broke down and got a positive.  I had betas Monday and today (Wednesday).  The first one (8dp5dt) came back at 173 (wow!) and the second one (10dp5dt) is 431 (super wow!).   This gives me a 36 hour doubling time which is great.
In a couple weeks I get an ultrasound and we find out how many babies are in there.
The theme of this pregnancy is cautious optimism.

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